Van Keelen test or the mathematical approach of roulette systems evaluation

Every roulette player wants to know which roulette betting system can ensure them profits and which one cannot. The gamblers need an objective method which really will show them some results. And Van Keelen test appears to be a principal method which can help to evaluate the success and efficiency of this or that roulette system. Van Keelen system was developed long time ago and it is rather simple in its application.

The basics

Van Keelen test requires from the roulette player checking the system through the placed bets. It should be done before the beginning of the game. The described test implies the interrelation between the system's net gain and the number of made stakes. The amount of placed bets must be no less than 1000 and the sum of bet must be equal (no progression). The important thing to understand and remember that while using Van Keelen test we speak about the actual bets and not the wheel spins.

The advantages

One of the advantages of Van Keelen test is that possible losses can be on the paper and not in real game (as at first the bets should not be placed in reality at the roulette table).

The invaluable advantage of this test is that a roulette betting system must be tested no less that over hundred placed bets. On this ground the prognosis about the efficiency of the system could be made.


While using Van Keelen test (with 100 000 tested bets) even an unfavorable result can be a characteristic of a good betting system. When system shows a true superiority over "0" - there is a possibility that with a progression it is possible to obtain continuous gains.


Let's examine few examples of using Van Keelen test on some roulette betting systems.

The betting system has superiority in the next cases:

Even money bets (high-low, red-black, odd-even)

  1. After 1 000 bets - the gain is more than 100 units;
  2. After 8 000 bets - the gain is more than 60 units;
  3. After 100 000 bets - the gain is more than 1 000 units.

Six number bets (lines)

  1. After 1 000 bets - the gain is more than 100 units;
  2. After 8 000 bets - the gain is more than 200 units;
  3. After 100 000 bets - the gain is more than 600 units.

Twelve number bets (dozens, columns)

  1. After 1 000 bets - the gain is more than 50 units;
  2. After 8 000 bets - the gain is more than 50 units;
  3. After 100 000 bets - the gain is more than 2000 units.

So, Van Keelen test is proven to be an effective one among other methods of roulette betting system evaluation such as the reality test and the millions spins test.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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