Conducting of the experiments on betting systems

Every roulette gambler wants to know what roulette betting system is the best and can provide the highest benefits. There were attempts to make evaluation of betting systems but there are still people who do not believe in the efficiency of such systems. That's why some experiments related to the systems efficiency were carried out. If you want to check how do these systems work for you, there' no better place to do it than online casino.

The Martingale system

The Martingale system of placing bets is known as one of the most popular among the betting systems. It consists in doubling the bet in case of the loss. It is easy to lose a couple of bets in succession and be out of money for the next bet very quickly (as it is necessary to double the bet every time after loss). There was an experiment comparing the Martingale system and flat betting (flat betting is placing an invariable bet constantly). According to this experiment such results of average loss were received:

1.12$ - flat bettor
4.20$ - the Martingale bettor

The correlation between the total amount of loss and win was 7 to 495. This corresponds to the house edge in craps (the pass line). The correlation will always be next to the house edge and no matter which system the players use in the long run.

Labouchere or Cancelation system

Labouchere system is based on the conception that during some period of time 2 events of about the same probability will happen approximately the equal numbers of times. The Labouchere system was tested with the help of special computer program which imitated 10 million spins. The system was applied on craps and roulette. Scraps - the winning probability is 49.29%. Roulette - the winning probability is 47.37%. So, the better variant to apply the Labouchere system is while playing craps. The correlation between the total amount of loss and total amount of the bet was always close to 1.41% (craps) and 5.26% (roulette). Such result was shown after 10 million spins.

Above there are some carried out experiments and if the gamblers want to make more tests of betting systems they are welcome.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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