Popular Martingale system of betting

Martingale betting system is a very popular system among the roulette gamblers. It is a negative progression system. Among other betting systems it is indispensable to mention Labouchere system and d'Alembert system.

The origin

For the first time the Martingale system was used in the 18thcentury in France. By the way, the roulette game has exactly the French roots. The simplest form of this strategy the players utilized while playing with the coin. It worked as follows: the player won his bet if a coin came up heads and lost it if it came up tails.

The Martingale betting system in action

The main idea of the system is to double the bet in case of the loss. For example, the player put 1$ and lost. Then it is necessary to put 2$, then 4$. And the same actions the roulette player should continue till the win. The next step is to start from the first sum of the bet. In our example it makes 1$.

The negative side of the system

To use this system the gambler needs to have a lot of money. And not every roulette player has such possibility. With this system it is possible to win slowly small amounts - and that is the positive side of this system. But in case of loss, the player can lose a really great amount of money.

The Anti-Martingale system

Apart from the classic type of Martingale system, it is possible also to use the anti-martingale system of betting.Using this system, one should double the bet after the win. So, the player leaves his bet and adds his winning. Before the very beginning of the game the player needs to select the amount of spins she or he is going to play, as it is impossible to win each spin during the whole night. Also the player can't take part of the winnings after a certain number of spins.


The players have a choice: to use or not to use the Martingale system. If it is not suitable for someone, there are other kinds of roulette betting systems.


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