Gambler's conceit or a kind of addiction

Gambler's conceit is a psychological term that could be often applied to the gamblers including the roulette players.


Gambler's conceit is an erroneous belief that someone can stop a risky action when he or she succeeds in it.

"I can stop the game when I am ahead"

"I can stop the game when I am ahead" or "I can quit the game at any time I want" are only the few phrases that can be heard from the gamblers. In reality the situation is quite different. In basic psychology we can see the examples that when the individuals or animals are rewarded all the time, they continue performing the same actions as they have advantageous results. On this basis, the next statement was elaborated: the more the player wins - the harder it is for him to stop playing.

Soul winner

It is known that everybody likes to win. The gamblers who managed to win for several consecutive times are convinced that they got a winning streak. They are starting to think about how lucky or skilled they are. They pretend to be really unconquerable.

Sad reality

Actually, the casinos have an advantage and the players are not safe from the gambler ruin. The term gambler's conceit is next to gambler fallacy which explains that every next game is not independent and good luck means a lot while gambling. Though, gambler's fallacy is considered to be one of the popular roulette myths.

Other example

The gambler's conceit can be also compared with such physical addictions as alcohol and smoking. These addictions have harmful effect on people's health. But nevertheless, they do not stop. It is in the human nature to use something if it brings them benefit or pleasure. And in the case of roulette gambling, the players continue performing the risky action despite their understanding of the situation.


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