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Termed as the ‘wheel of fortune’ by the founder Blaise Pascal, roulette is the only casino game with so many variations ranging from geographical dispensation to the types of plays involved. The game was founded in France-but termed as European- and it has 37 pockets with a single green pocket labeled 0, it has been adopted by many casinos and online casino games providers throughout the world due to its defining features since the other designs more or less owe their being to it. The American roulette, which is fast gaining notoriety, differs from the European one by the fact that it has two green pockets labeled 0 and 00 respectively. The addition of the 00 green pocket gives this model a raise in house edge of (5.6%) over the European counterpart (2.63%) thus making it more enjoyable to play.

Details of Gambling

More distinctively we have the French roulette, since it started off here the design has remain the same so as to retain the heritage of the game. The previous two have undergone serious changes due to the dynamic demands of the gambling world but the French model has remained with distinctive features like a rule by the name La Partage, which refunds back the player half of the bet money on even bets that fails to wins on the 0 pocket. This rule lowers the losing edge to 1.32% to play the game making the game very rare to find in casinos. In regard to the nature of the varied casino games, the roulette is offered in mini sizes too. The mini sized roulette bears 13 numbers- a truncation from the 37 or 38 of the full sized one- with a raised ratio of normal numbers to zero meaning that the losing edge is raised to 7.69%. But the losing edge can be reduced to 3.85% by playing in premises that refund back on bets that are placed on the 0 pocket.

The Roulette Royale typically resembles the European roulette with the exception of the fact that an accumulative jackpot is offered. To win the jackpot, a player has to hit a specific numerical value of five consecutively which is, of course, an impossible fate and which means the jack pot increases in every game played.

While playing roulette, whether online or in a land based casino, one will have to choose on the type of bet he/she is comfortable with. The dozens of bets in roulette are basically classified in to outside bets, inside bets and the announced bets. The inside bets involve betting on numbers from one number to a maximum of six numbers, the combination of the numbers can differ in regards to the preference of the player. The outside bets on the other hand depend on colors, sections and sets; this bet gives the player a higher chance to win since the determinants are varied in many aspects on the table layout. Finally we have the announced bets; these bets are said out loud by the dealer reason being that they are not on the table for the players to choose from.


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