Roulette myths and the gamblers

Roulette casino game is an incredibly popular game of chance. The basics of this game are quite simple. And the gamblers do not need to have extra skills to play this interesting and exciting game. Many gamblers - many myths. And every player should be familiar with them and know how to differentiate the myths from the truth.

The most popular myth

The most popular myth among the roulette gamblers is known under the name the gambler fallacy. This myth says that when some deflections from the usual behavior are repeated for few consecutive games - they are supposed to even out in the future. In other words - each play in the casino game is not independent.

Five stars

There are top five myths which are the most popular among the roulette gamblers.

  • Identical wheels. Many players tend to believe that there are no two types of roulette wheels, that they are the same. It is not true. There are two variations of roulette wheel. The European wheel has 37 slots and the American - 38 slots. So, the house advantage also differs: American roulette - 5.25 %, European roulette - 2.7%.
  • Randomness of the spin. This myth has a special place among the myths and sometimes is known just under the name gambler fallacy (which was described earlier). This myth says that the roulette spins are not random and every next spin depends on the previous one. It is incorrect (of course, we do not speak about biased roulette wheel). The wheel does not remember the results of all previous spins.
  • Sure betting system. This myth says about the effectiveness of a particular method of roulette betting. There are different variations of placing bets but any of them can't protect the gamblers against the house advantage.
  • To manage the bankroll. Some players are convinced that applying a method of money management will help them a lot while playing. But in reality it cannot provide them the winnings.
  • Even bets. It is incorrect to think that all the bets have equal winning chances. Different bets - different payouts.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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