Live Roulette TV Series

In addition to the online capability of playing the roulette, live roulette TV series are available on our national channels. These innovative techniques allow the players to place the chips online or via the TV and place phone calls to designated call center numbers. This interactive method of playing the famous casino game came after the much fuss and stereotypes that are accorded with playing casino games, people would rather play the games online or via the TV than going to a land based casino. The brand uses the mainstream casino roulette (European) with spinners and presenters who portray the end results of a spin to the audience, the individuals who had placed the bets then call the center number to claim their winnings. Not to confuse the audience the winner’s name is announced by the presenters and portrayed on the TV screen.

The method of play is more or less the one used in land based casinos with the chips placed on the telephone menu for the players, players then choose their respective chips by placing telephone calls to the free phone number provided. Originally, the betting options available were limited to the single, split, corners and the outside chances but with the new advancement and the positive reception of the program the betting options have been expanded to incorporate all the French bets. It also widened its spectrum to play with zero which was previously considered as the house number.

Online vs Offline Game

The difference of the live roulette and the online roulette is that the former gives the sensation only accrued from a real casino while the latter is more imagined and virtual and it lacks the lively sensation that people sort while playing. The convenience of the live roulette is unimaginable, the competitors are wide and the bet is not limited to the physical presence of individuals but the willingness that the people have regardless of their physical location. The odds of the live roulette are fixed in the same way as the real casino; the non-players on the other hand are entertained by talking and sharing stories with the presenters making the game more interactive and fun.

The game, though, is restricted to persons above the age of 18; this is in accordance to the laws that prohibit any minor to engage in gambling or rather the pass time games. The membership in the live roulette ranges from free membership, premium membership to VIP membership. The free membership offers 500 chips that can be used as the real chips but with no monetary value. The premium membership entails members who can place chips up to a certain house limit; this applies to individuals who sign for the premium account which is presently only legal in UK. The VIP member section is for the avid premium players who are offered extra benefits as players, the benefits might include: VIP management, inclusion in VIP price draws which include paid trips, tour to London TV studios and bonus money for the continued loyalty. Playing roulette in live sessions should be on every body’s bucket list.


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Famous roulette bettors

Roulette etiquette

Roulette etiquette

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Roulette secrets

Roulette secrets

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Casinos online

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