Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo - successful roulette gambler

Almost every average roulette player uses one or few classic roulette betting systems. Whereas some the players try to use other methods, for example, the biased roulette wheel. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo was just such roulette gambler.

Garcia-Pelayo was not a very successful record producer from Spain who was fond of roulette casino game. He became popular as the man breaking the bank in Vegas in 1990s.


In the early 1990s while gambling in Madrid casino, Garcia-Pelayo noticed that certain wheels were biased. Some numbers were the winning more often than the other. It could be because of the differences in the pockets' sizes or the floor was irregular. There could be different variants, but the main fact is that there was some kind of bias. It was not so evident. Garcia had to note thousands of spin results before he came to such conclusion.


When the gambler analyzed the received statistical information, he began to place bets on "hot numbers". Gonzalo was a clever gambler and in order not to attract attention, he played together with the members of his family.


Garcia-Pelayo together with his family managed to gamble more than two million dollars. 5% house edge was turned into 15% player edge.


When the casino finally realized the actions of the great gambler, they banned him from it. With the help of court the casino owners tried to get back Gonzalo's winnings. But it was unsuccessfully. The trial against the gambler lasted for ten years and finished in 2004. The court ruled that Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo did not cheat. He could not be banned from the Madrid casino. Though, they thought that Garcia-Pelayo and his family used computer techniques.

Myth or not

Some people tend to believe that the story about the great winnings of mathematician and record producer Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is just one of the roulette myths. But the facts remain the facts.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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