Following the roulette etiquette

Roulette casino game is one of the most popular games of chance. It has a lot of supporters. They like to crowd near the roulette table. That's why it is important to respect other players and follow simple rules of etiquette (and no matter what roulette betting system is in use). The roulette etiquette will make the game more pleasant.

Here is the list of the most important rules of roulette etiquette:

  • To be socially polite (do not scream, jump);
  • To use special color-coded chips (the gambler's chips can't be mangled with the chips of other gamblers);
  • To place chips and not to toss them (if the gamblers can't place bets themselves they can ask the dealer to help them);
  • To listen to the dealer (do not put the bets after the dealer's words "no more bet");
  • Do not touch the chips on the table between the spin and the time of payout (if someone touches the chips it can be treated as cheating);
  • To change money or chips between the spins (but usually the dealer prefers to place call bets rather than make changes);
  • To leave the tips to the dealer (the tips can be left after the winning spin, also after the dealer explained some details);
  • Do not argue with the dealer about the placed bets (the bet is taken into account when the dealer repeated the bet);
  • Do not change money at the dealer;
  • Do not use electronic equipment at the tables (cameras, mobile phones);
  • Do not place bulky things on the table (there could be only money, chips, drinks and cigarettes);
  • Do not eat at the roulette table;
  • To pay fees in case of spillage something on the roulette table.

The rules of roulette etiquette are necessary to follow as other commonly adopted etiquette rules. They are the same for all roulette gamblers. People should always be polite. While speaking about the game of chance, we deal with money (and very often with big money) and rules violation can lead to money loss and even ban from the casino.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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Roulette etiquette

Roulette etiquette

Roulette etiquette is composed of the indispensable rules for every roulette player.

If you want to be held in high respect by other casino players, you need to know the basic rules of roulette etiquette. Get acquainted with them and follow them impeccably.

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