The famous roulette wheel manufacturers

The roulette casino game is the most popular game of chance. The history of roulette wheels is rather long and interesting. And while learning it the gamblers can know about the roulette wheel manufacturers.

B.C. Wills & Co and Caro

Before 1960s there were two big companies-manufacturers of roulette wheels - B.C. Wills & Co and Caro. They supplied the wheels to the majority of casinos. B.C. Wills & Co is known as one of the founders of modern American gaming. The company produced not only the gaming equipment but also furniture and cabinets.

Caro was a popular French manufacturer. The name Caro was used by the Briotet company. It was in 1920s. The wheels of B.C. Wills and Caro were examples of the wheels with deep pockets. Then the "low profile" wheels were elaborated by Huxley.


TCS John Huxley Europe Ltd. was created in the United Kingdom in London in 1979. It offers gaming systems and security, electronic and live gaming products (including chips, table games, displays, gaming tables, playing cards, layouts etc). The Huxley company was very successful which resulted that other small companies became bankrupt. Among such companies there were the following: Benteler, Tramble, ABP and some other.

In 1990s another company appeared on the market of roulette wheels. Its name was Cammegh.


90% of casinos all over the world are supplied by wheels of Cammegh production. The Cammegh wheels are known by the quality, security and integrity. The assembly includes Scallop separator rings and in-rim reader heads. Besides famous wheels the company products LCD winning number displays, special remote cameras Eyeball and Pitboss which is a special package for wheel analysis.

Cammegh roulette wheels are the leaders on the market of roulette wheels thanks to the extra quality and special approach to individual needs of every customer. The products of the company are made from stainless and tensile steel. The design of the wheels is of the highest level.


Nowadays apart from already described popular roulette wheels brands it is possible to meet the wheels of the next manufacturers:

  • King Roulettes;
  • Casino Equipment 777;
  • Matsui Europe;
  • Abbiati Casino Equipment;
  • CTC Holdings etc.

A little bit of history

The history of roulette wheels is interesting and exciting. The first name written on the historical pages was Blaise Pascal. He was e French mathematician who created the first form of roulette in the 17th century. Lately, in 1842 brothers Francois and Louis created a single zero roulette wheel.

Ron Shelly was a prominent person in the roulette history of the 20th century. He introduced Huxley low profile wheel in North America. The Cammegh - TCS wheels were introduced in 1993.

And nowadays Huxley and Cammegh are the most famous roulette wheels manufacturers.

Interesting to know

In all times the use of special devices was very popular among the roulette gamblers. In 1980 "Computer group" was created. This organization used special computer machines to find bad point of the wheel and calculate the statistical information. Such actions helped to win with a high win percentage.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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Roulette etiquette

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Roulette secrets

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