Billy Walters' "Computer Group" and George Melas' "Low profile wheel"

Computer group

In 1980 a famous organization "Computer group" was created. William (better known as just Billy) Walters was a part of this group which specialized in betting around the world and especially in Las Vegas. The reason of the Computer group's success was the use of the special personal computer which could find bad point and calculate the main statistical information. Some kinds of clever programs were used. They helped to win with a high win percentage - 60%. In that time the use of computer machines was not so popular among the gamblers. The members of the Computer group bet through illegal bookmakers. Billy Walkers placed the bets in Las Vegas. He made it for the Computer group and soon he was allowed to use the received statistical information to put his own bets.

College betting

College betting was the first sphere where the Computer group applied the computer calculations. The group wagered on college basketball and football games. It was known that the Group wagered more than 500 000$ per week. Such kind of betting lasted for five years.

The Golden Nugget

The year 1986 was a remarkable in the history of roulette. Billy Walters was gambling at the Golden Nugget Casino of the Atlantic City. The gambler put 2 million dollars deposit against the same casino's deposit. The Walters' team made five bets. The players put single bets of 2000$ on 7, 10, 20, 27, 36 and won 3 800 000$. The happy team left the dealers 25 000$ of tips. After this the roulette wheel was examined but there were no declinations.

The Claridge Hotel and Casino

In 1989 the Walters' group was gambling at the Claridge Hotel and Casino. The players received and analyzed the information and then started to play. They managed to win 200 000$. This time the roulette wheel examination showed some irregularities in 2 wheels but they were left in service. And after the game on the second biased roulette wheel the team won 300 000$.

Low profile wheel

The history of Billy Walters was a sign to make some changes of the roulette wheel. George Melas was the person who created the new "low profile" wheel. The pockets of the new wheel were significantly reduced in depth. Also some design modifications were made. They caused the ball to land in a progressive approach to the pocket field. This model became very popular and all the casinos started to use it.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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