Biased roulette wheel or non-ideal

Roulette is a top game of chance among the casino gamblers. A lot of roulette betting systems were developed and used by the players. But, nevertheless, many players try to raise their chances to win and elaborate the ways of overcoming the house edge (in American roulette - 0.95, in European roulette - 0.97). Their efforts are closely related to the appearance of the wheel.

The perfect roulette wheel

The perfect roulette wheel is a wheel which is irreproachably balanced. The pockets of such wheel must be evenly structured and surfaced. The dealers can't control the ball which is spinning on such a wheel.

The imperfect roulette wheel

The imperfect roulette wheel is a wheel even with the slightest groove on its surface. It is impossible that wheel will stay in the same condition during the long period of time. A little groove (even invisible to the eye) can already influence the place of the ball's landing. Roulette wheels of different roulette wheel manufacturers are very expensive and the casino owners can accept small imperfections in order not to lose the clients' money. Though, small grooves can become big with time and cause damage to the casino profits.

Recording the observations

Roulette players can take profit from the biased roulette wheel and the biased wheel strategy exists. Speaking about the biased wheel strategy we mean such notion as "clocking the wheels" or in other words "recording the observations". As most of the biased roulette wheel cannot be found by traditional inspections as the grooves are not visible to the people, such wheels should be detected in a statistic way. It is necessary to observe and record the results of the observations. On the wheel with a bias the ball will land more often on one or few pockets. The longer observations the more true probabilities you'll obtain.

There are few ways of recording the results of the spinning. The important thing to remember is not to be caught by the casino workers. It means not to show that you are recording the results. The players can sit at the slot machine not far from the roulette table and observe. Or they can use small hidden camera. But nowadays the security in the casinos is on the high level and such devices as cameras and mobile phones are forbidden there.


The using of biased wheel strategy requires patience, a lot of patience from the roulette gamblers. It is necessary to be well organized. The history of roulette knows the cases when gamblers with the help of biased wheels became famous and rich. Among them it is necessary to recall the names of Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo and Joseph Jagger.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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