Does Roulette Cheating Work?

Roulette cheating might seem like a good way to get rich quickly but as you shall soon realize, the chances of this working are extremely limited. Casinos keep a digital eye on customers’ hands while they keep the other on the ball in order to stop and catch cheats. Cameras at the house coordinate systematically to catch cunning players in an interesting way.

When the wheel of the roulette is spinning at its fastest, the ball merrily bounces along the way and it is not easy to tell where the ball finally ends up. The casinos count on this uncertainty and calculate the bet pay-out based on the assumption that the ball will land on a truly random square. After the wheel starts to slow down and the ball likewise slows and there is a certainty that the ball will fall in at a given place, the entire betting system gets screwed up. While this doesn’t always guarantee you a win, the good news is that you win more times than you lose. This is what is called roulette cheating and it is illegal.

Cheating as a Casino Problem

Roulette cheating is a major problem for the casino which explains why they are willing to do everything to catch cheats. The whole business model of a casino completely depends on ensuring that players lose more of their money than they actually win. As such, any person who tries to change the percentage is known as a ‘cheat’. Nevertheless, given that every person who goes to the table perhaps knew this already, you definitely can’t try changing the rules of the game after agreeing to them. The people running casino games call the last bets at a time when the roulette is spinning at its top speed. Any person who puts his or her chips later is regarded to as a cheat.

Players who exploit this scam to cheat in roulette normally work in pairs. In this regard, one person will make a fuss and make the croupier distracted while the other person quickly darts in and then places his chips on roulette table as everyone else stares at the now slowing wheel. However, a new system of camera is now in place to change this. The camera keeps the ball movement well coordinated with any kind of movement happening on the table. Once the ball slows down to a given level, any kind hand that sneaks to the table and adds chips gets detected easily and the system alerts the croupier. By comparing the game movement with the player’s movement, the camera system makes roulette cheating impossible. Regardless of what you do, they will always see you and any kind of roulette cheating will simply not work.

Another kind of roulette cheating is masterminded by the casino staff that alters the roulette wheels. There were also other instances where brave folks used to break into a casino at night and doctor the roulette wheel. However, with internet advancement, such tricks of roulette cheating no longer work.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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