The "millions spins" test and the "testers"

The evaluation of roulette betting systems is a difficult task. There is a group of gamblers who do not believe in the effectiveness of such systems. And the term the no way approach concerns such group of players which is rather big by the way.

The testers

There is a group of players which can be called "testers". They are "testers" because they like to test different kinds of roulette betting systems. The testers use a variety of computer programs which stimulate millions of spins. Such programs could be preset to act as any of roulette betting systems. Such computer schemes can use actual roulette spins. Also the testers have a possibility to use a random number generator.

Random number generators

A random number generator (abbreviation - RNG) is a kind of computer or physical device which is created for generating number or symbol sequences that appear random. Some methods of generating random data have been known since the ancient times. Because of the mechanical nature of most of the techniques, the process of generating big amounts of random numbers demands a lot of time and work. The obtained results could be represented in special tables.

Generation methods

There are two categories of generation methods - physical and computer. Such physical methods as coin flipping, dice are still in use today. But they are rather slow. While speaking about number generating in roulette casino game, the players tend to use computer methods.


So, the use of different tester programs can be useful for determining the better roulette variation. But, as we know "so many men, so many minds". And there will be always people who will be against something. We can say the same about the part of roulette gamblers.

Other tests

Besides the "millions spins" test there are some other kinds. Among them it is necessary to mention the "reality" test and the Van Keelen test.


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