Gamblers' superstitions or roulette players with their rituals

It is in the human nature to believe in something. Different beliefs and superstitions make the life more interesting or, it is possible to say, even full of more sense. If people know the ways to attract good luck, most of them will surely use them. Roulette is a game of chance but nevertheless it is surrounded by different roulette myths and superstitions.

Interesting roulette superstitions

  • Lucky numbers. Players bet every time on their lucky numbers. It could be their birthdate or some other important date.
  • Sleeping numbers. Players bet on the numbers which didn't occur for the long period of time. It has no sense as all the numbers have equal chances to land (just not in the case of a biased roulette wheel).
  • Betting on the color or number which the roulette gambler saw at the very beginning of the game.
  • Praying. Considering that the pray before the game will help to win.
  • Religious ritual. There is a group of gamblers who elaborated a special religious ritual which they always follow before going to the casino.
  • Unlucky colors. Not to wear in the casino clothes of unlucky colors.
  • Lucky items. To take in the casino some lucky items. They can be very different. For example, it could be a horseshoe, something of particular color, rabbit's foot etc.
  • Unlucky items. Not to bring unlucky items. Some players can consider particular things as not lucky. For example, it could be something of black color. Such well-known superstitions as breaking the mirror or black cat are also considered as bad luck bringers in the roulette casino game.

So, there is a rather big range of different roulette superstitions despite existing of roulette strategies. Casino is a place where people want to be enormously lucky as they come there not just to have fun but in most cases they are driven by the desire to win a lot of money.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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