The "reality" test of roulette betting system evaluation

The "reality" test is one of the ways to evaluate the roulette betting systems. Besides this test there are two more tests - the "millions spins" test and the Van Keelen test.

The features of the method

The "reality" test is thought to be not very reliable. But at the same time it is the one which really works. This test is very simple for understanding. If the player makes profit the system works. If the player loses the system does not work. It is simple and deceptive as well. The system can be the winning one in short term or in a long term. It could be due to the player's luck.

The long term

"The long term" is a notion which can be used in the casino terminology. It signifies how long this or that system works. The long term could be few thousands spins or billion spins. For some gamblers, for example, it is a period of the whole life.

The efficiency

The supporters of the "reality" method believe that the roulette betting system can be really profitable and it isn't necessarily to make billions of spins.

Winning system

The notion "winning system" is interesting and difficult. And there is a wide-spread opinion that there is no winning system as such, because any system can't provide constant profits. There is no system which can reject the gambler payout disadvantage. These two statements are the answers on the most spread gamblers' questions concerning the existing of the winning system.


So, if the gambler wants to choose the working system, it is necessary (according to the "reality" test) to try betting using different roulette strategies and to make a kind of statistic. And after the analysis of received data the roulette gambler is free to choose one of the systems to use.


Michael Shackleford is a well-known person in the world of gambling. He is an owner of gaming consultancy business and adjunct professor of Casino Math course.

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